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Hearing Devices
Hearing devices are available in a variety of styles, shades and technologies. They also offer many different features.

Which hearing aid is right for you? Your Advanced Hearing Aid Center Hearing Care Professionals are trained to help you understand hearing aids and how they benefit different levels of hearing loss, and will work with you to customize hearing devices tailored to your individual hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.


Hearing Aid Consultation
The selection of the proper hearing aid for you involves consideration of many factors, some of which include:

• Degree and Type of Hearing Loss
• Shape of the Ear Canal
• Manual Dexterity
• Cosmetic Concerns
• Lifestyle (Activities you participate in and their Physical
• Telephone Use
• Listening Environments (Theaters or Music Hall, Large Family
• The Tendency of Skin or Moisture Problems in the Ear Canal

After your hearing evaluation, if it is determined that you have a hearing loss that would benefit from amplification, your hearing care professional will help you understand hearing devices and which style and technology will best meet your personal listening needs.

If you decide to purchase hearing aids, it is common to expect at least two visits for fittings, follow-up measurements and other adjustments that may be needed to make sure your hearing instruments are providing you with the best listening experience and personal comfort. We want you to be satisfied with your investment in your hearing!


One or Two Hearing Aids?
A major difficulty faced by people with hearing loss is understanding conversation in the presence of background noise or when more than one person is speaking – such as social gatherings, restaurants and auditoriums. Hearing loss makes understanding speech even more difficult than normal where background noise exists or in rooms with poor acoustics.

Modern hearing aids are wonderful devices, but they do not fully resolve this problem. If you have a hearing loss in both ears, it is important that you wear an aid in each ear. When wearing only one hearing instrument, it becomes difficult to identify the direction or source of a sound. Protection


Hearing Care
If you are exposed to loud noise (such as industrial noise, lawn mowers and other yard equipment, music, firearms) on a regular basis, your Advanced Hearing Aid Center hearing care professional strongly recommends that you protect your hearing. A variety of specialized custom-made and standard earplugs are available.

For swimmers and patients with external or middle ear precautions or tubes in the ear drum, custom swim molds help reduce the amount of water that enters into the outer ear canal. We even make custom plugs for snoring.


Hearing Aid Care
Your hearing aids need regular care and maintenance to keep them in optimal working condition. Because they are exposed to moisture, ear wax and other conditions that can impede their performance, your Advanced Hearing Aid Center hearing care professional will advise you about how you can keep your hearing aid clean and dry.

It is important that you never use household cleaners or water on your hearing aids as they can damage both the earmold and circuitry.

Protect your investment by using products specially formulated to help you care for your hearing aids. These products include cleansing and disinfecting wipes or sprays and hearing aid dehumidifiers and driers. Ask your hearing care professional or patient representative about hearing aid care products.















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